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OMAG WaterJet

We are experts in the supply of WaterJet Cutting Machinery. The Water Jet is a specialist machine which utilises high-pressure water as a cutting tool. With this high-tech equipment, you can cut and shape thick marble, stone and granite with precise accuracy using water jet abrasive technology. This allows you to cut incredibly tough materials into very complex shapes by mixing high-pressure water and abrasive materials such as garnet.

The OMAG water3/water5 moves on either 3 or 5 axes meaning the cutting head of the water5 machine can tilt 60 degrees and rotate 360 degrees allowing for extreme accuracy and versatility. Furthermore, the water jet machines can cut through a material as thick as 250mm and leave a perfect edge.

Using a 3-axis waterjet cutter allows you to cut a variety of materials without compromising their integrity or structure. Waterjets are also a safer alternative as some materials are particularly sensitive to heat.

Advantages of the 3-axis
waterjet cutting machinery:

  • Cut corners, shapes, holes, bevels and patterns
  • A Specialised software system guarantees precision cutting
  • Sustainable/recyclable garnets can be used for cutting
  • Makes intricate small cuts
  • Easily adjustable nozzles
  • Cycles water using a close looped system
  • Environmentally friendly as it doesn’t use toxic garnet
  • Creates very little dust or contaminants
  • Reduces scrap material

Water5 Hardware & Software

The Water5 is supplied with CAD / CAM software dedicated to water jet machines and is capable of interpolating up to 5 axes for the execution of inclined cuts on the slabs. The software allows complete management of the machine with nesting and optimization of 3-axis cuts. It is suitable for programming simple inclined cuts such as veils 45 ° or to create complex, completely different profiles on the two sides of the sheet. The software allows you to freely assign the synchronism points between the upper and lower profile. It performs dynamic cuts to automatically and continuously compensate for the taper of the water jet.

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