70% Alcohol Gel 1ltr – Coor & Kleever

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70% ALCOHOL GEL – 1ltr

Properties: Hydroalcoholic gel that ensures effective cleaning. Rapid evaporation sanitizer, alcohol-based. Kleever hydroalcoholic gel is made with 70% alcohol, emollients and softeners to provide effective antimicrobial control. Kleever hydroalcoholic gel 70%, has biotic degradability. It does not require subsequent rinsing. Effective sanitizing action against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Application: Indicated where permanent cleaning is needed and thus avoid the need for continued washing.

Dosage: Apply a small dose to the surface to be treated, rub without water. In a few seconds, the surface will be dry, smooth, and sanitized. It is not necessary to rinse with water.

 UN 1993

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