MEM Master 3500 – Edge Profiling Router & Conversion Unit

£4,650.00 Price exclude Vat

MEM Master 3500 – Edge Profiling Router with Water Gliding System, including Conversion Unit

Master 3500 is a portable electric contouring machine with a “WATER SYSTEM” baseboard which creates a gliding water film between the machine and the slab.

This system immediately eliminates the stone pieces broken during the working without scratching the surfaces.

  • It is a variable speed control to be able to adjust the rotation speed of the profiling wheels turn thus allowing you to adapt it to each and every type of work –

    Variable shaft speed: rpm 2800/5600

    Price includes the Electrical Conversion Unit

    Safety electrical conversion unit MEM3000 – 220v or 380v constructed according to the international safety regulations.

    Tools available in different profiles and thicknesses



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110V, 240V