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2405 MOLDEX – FFP2 Disposable Dust Masks

£53.90 Price exclude Vat


The Moldex 2405 Classic FFP2D valved disposable mask is for protection against fine toxic dust and water and oil based mists and fumes e.g. as FFP1 but at higher concentrations. Also protects against Brake Dust, Concrete Dust, Lead Dust and Fume, Welding, Wood Dust, Zinc Oxide Fume.

Complete with Ventex Valve

Assigned Protection Factor: 10

Approved to EN149: 2001 FFP2D


2505 MOLDEX FFP3 Disposable Dust Mask

£53.90 Price exclude Vat


The Moldex 2505 New Generation FFP3D disposable mask is for protection against all dust, oil and water based mists and fumes e.g. as FFP2 but at higher concentrations. Also protects against Ceramic Fibres, Chromates, Chromium, Cobalt, Nickel, Micro Organisms, Radioactive or Biochemical Active Substances.

Foam nose flange for increased comfort

Assigned Protection Factor: 20

Approved to EN149:2001 FFP3D


2555 MOLDEX FFP3 Disposable Dust Mask

£81.40 Price exclude Vat


Moldex 2555 FFP3 Classic dust, mist and fume respirator with ventex exhalation valve protect against high levels of toxic dust, particles (including bacteria and viruses), mists and fumes based on water and oil.
  • Proven shape and a durable FFP3 dust mask
  • DuraMesh®: strong and durable structure, keeps the mask in shape
  • ActivForm®: no nose clip needed
  • Loop strap for quick, simple and safe on and off
  • Tested and certified to EN 149:2001+A1:200
  • Protection level (UK): 20 x Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL).

4 Step Pads – DZAM


4 step polishing system. Great for polishing contour edges on a flexible backing pad.

Velcro backed - diam 100mm 4”

4 Step Pads for Dekton – Rosso


4 step polishing system for polishing Dekton, Lapitec, Neolith and other porcelains

Dry and Wet use

Velcro backed - diam 100mm 4”

90° Clamp M3

£247.50 Price exclude Vat
'- 90 Degree Clamp M3 with this new improved version you can: Attach Bird Mouth mitre ranging from 2mm to 10mm by using the adjustment knob. Hold pressure on the mitre joint by using the adjustable fast-action clamp - User can combine multiple numbers of 90 Degree Clamps M3 to accommodate (when working with) longer stone slab. Recommendations: *   1000mm - 2 pieces *   1500mm - 3 pieces *   2000m -   4 pieces *  2500mm - 5 pieces *  3000mm - 6 pieces SOLD IN PAIRS

9030 Particulate Filter for Mask 7000 & 9000 – Moldex

£47.30 Price exclude Vat

Box of 12

Particulate filters can either be connected with the gas cartridges or directly to the mask body


Abaco Slab Wedge

£15.40 Price exclude Vat

The Slab Wedge can create an ideal space between the slabs, to assist with moving slabs.

Length 63mm Height 255mm

Achilli Marble Floor Grinder – LM30

£0.00 Price exclude Vat
LM30-CE is a simple and powerful floor grinder, it is the most used single-phase model.
    • Aluminium tank with epoxy powder finish.
    • Machine level adjustment by eccentric wheel axis.
    • Optional planetary head to optimize working on all surfaces
Accessories Provided For latest prices and offers please call 01621 742577 or email [email protected]

Achilli Slab Trolley – SC500

£0.00 Price exclude Vat

Hydraulic and motorised slab trolley, for lifting and positioning slabs onto the worktable of a saw. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, has a telescopic panel to enable to handle large slaps.

Available in 2 different models Sc500 ( worktable size 1380x2000mm)   https://youtu.be/oW024cEQaMU

Adaptor for Core Bits – DZAM

£11.00 Price exclude Vat

Adapter for core bits from straight connection to 1/2 gas connection to be used on cnc and other automatic m/cs

Adaptor for Finger Bit Cutting Tools – M10 or M12 Thread

Short and Long Adaptors This product is used with the Finger Bit Cutting Tool (M10 & M12) Long = 110mm Short = 55mm Also available in Length 30mm