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OMAG – Replacement Rubber for CNC Suction pads

Replacement Rubber for CNC Suction Pads

Available in 4 sizes

Round Cups diameter 120mm

Round Cups diam 250mm

Square Pads size 150x70mm

Square Pads size 300x150mm


Replacement Rubber for Bridge tables

£195.00£225.00 Price exclude Vat

Replacement rubber for Bridge Saws

Each piece is 2m x 1m 

an average saw table will require 4 pieces Price does not include transport cost


Pre-consumer rubber granules (NOT deriving from the recycling of end-of-life tires) agglomerated with first choice polyurethane resins

Technical data

Format       Panels Dimensions  2.000mm  x 1.000mm (+/- 2%) Possibility of cutting to size on customer request. Cutting precision (+/- 5 mm.) Thickness                 AVAILABLE IN 20mm OR 30 mm. (+/- 1.5 mm.) Density                       850 kg./mc. (+/- 5%) granulometria 1-3 mm. Color                           Black Thermal conductivity λ = 0,11 W/(m.k) Resistance temp.        -20°C +110°C Reaction to fire            B2


It is sufficiently rigid to support the weight of the marble slabs even of thin thickness. It is not hygroscopic and does not deform with the jets of water cooling the tools and cleaning of processing residues. Does not damage the cutting discs. Offers a support surface with excellent grip. Does not conduct electricity. Resistant to acids, sunlight, oils Does not rot Excellent resistance over time The product does not contain dangerous and toxic substances and is not subject to the obligations established by Directive 67/648 / EEC.

Replacement Water Pumps for Achilli saws

£0.00 Price exclude Vat

Submersible water pumps for water recirculation in electrical saws for Achilli saws