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CNC Router for Sintered Materials – Dekton/Lapitec/Porcelain

£107.40 Price exclude Vat
Nicolai Diamant CNC Routers for Sintered Stone like Dekton, Lapitec and Porcelain Available in Diameter 20mm Length 25mm Connection 1/2" Gas

Made In Italy

Odyssey Blade – DZAM


A unique turbo blade that can be used to dry cut all natural stones, as well as quartzite stones Dekton, Lapitec and Quartz

TYPE A — DIAM 125mm Bore Hole 22.2mm 

TYPE B — DIAM 150mm Bore Hole 22.2mm 

TYPE C — DIAM 125mm M14 FEMALE Thread Single Sided

TYPE D — DIAM 150mm M14 FEMALE Thread Single Sided