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Demountable Frame – Abaco -ADF4932

£1,097.80 Price exclude Vat
Abaco Demountable Frame ADF4932
The sturdy design of the Abaco Demountable Frame (ADF4932) prevents material from chipping off and keeps the finished work high off the ground.
Black rubber strips are mounted on the bottom and back support to prevent slippage.  It has 4 ratchet straps to hold loads steady. It also features 2 eyelets on the top bar and a double bar base with wide slots that fit perfectly for lifting the frame with an overhead crane or forklift truck. It has 4 solid casters for easy moving, two manoeuvred by the pulling handle. See the specification chart below for load capacity and dimensions. 

Tug Dolly – Abaco

£515.90 Price exclude Vat
ABACO TUG DOLLY – These dollies' compact structure fit well in narrow spaces – Made of aluminium are lightweight but carry up to 990 pounds (450kg) slabs. – 4 large solid wheels give sturdy support and make it easy to hand slabs. – The surfaces getting contact with the slab are covered by rubber lining for protection