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Full Mask Series 9000—Easylock Moldex – BODY ONLY

£103.40 Price exclude Vat
Extremely lightweight full face mask weighs only 360 g Frameless panoramic lens Fulfils the high requirements of class 2 Mask body made of soft, TPE material which is gentle on the skin Easy access, easy to remove Easy maintenance and cleaning without tools With the EasyLock® filter system: easy handling No additional adapters or parts necessary Also available with EN 148-1 connectors Tested and certified to EN 136:1998 CL2 https://youtu.be/CA3cN2DQGM0

MOLDEX 9974 Service kit for Full Mask Series 9000

£3.30 Price exclude Vat
The valve kit for the Series 9000 full-face masks with EasyLock® connectors includes two gaskets, one exhalation valve and four inhalation valves. The valve kit for series 9000 full-face masks with EN 148-1 connectors includes one gasket, one exhalation valve and four inhalation valves.   https://youtu.be/CA3cN2DQGM0

MOLDEX 9993 Faceshield Protectors for 9000 Series Mask

£24.20 Price exclude Vat

Moldex 9993 Disposable Faceshield Protectors for the 9000 series


    • Moldex 9993 Disposable Faceshield Protector. Pack of 15 in a bag.
    • Visor for use with Moldex 9001 small, 9002 medium & 9003 large full face masks with an easy-lock filter system.
    • Protect the main visor using replaceable peel-off screens.

MOLDEX 9994 Storage Bag for 7000. & 9000 Series Mask

£12.10 Price exclude Vat

Moldex 9995 Mask Storage Bag for the 7000 & 9000 series


    • Bag designed to store the Moldex 7000 series half mask or 9000 full face mask, to keep them away from dust and in good conditon