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90° Clamp M3

£247.50 Price exclude Vat
'- 90 Degree Clamp M3 with this new improved version you can: Attach Bird Mouth mitre ranging from 2mm to 10mm by using the adjustment knob. Hold pressure on the mitre joint by using the adjustable fast-action clamp - User can combine multiple numbers of 90 Degree Clamps M3 to accommodate (when working with) longer stone slab. Recommendations: *   1000mm - 2 pieces *   1500mm - 3 pieces *   2000m -   4 pieces *  2500mm - 5 pieces *  3000mm - 6 pieces SOLD IN PAIRS

Abaco Slab Wedge

£15.40 Price exclude Vat

The Slab Wedge can create an ideal space between the slabs, to assist with moving slabs.

Length 63mm Height 255mm

Achilli Slab Trolley – SC500

£0.00 Price exclude Vat

Hydraulic and motorised slab trolley, for lifting and positioning slabs onto the worktable of a saw. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, has a telescopic panel to enable to handle large slaps.

Available in 2 different models Sc500 ( worktable size 1380x2000mm)   https://youtu.be/oW024cEQaMU

Carry Clamps

£260.70 Price exclude Vat

They are designed for safely lifting and transporting stone slabs without using a forklift truck. The fully vulcanized rubber pads provide added grip and prevent damage to the slabs. The weight of the slab exerts a sufficient clamping force for such a simple lifting device.

Grip range 0-40mm

Dimensions : 288 x 130 x 240 mm

Lifting capacity per pair 250 kg


Demountable Frame – Abaco -ADF4932

£1,097.80 Price exclude Vat
Abaco Demountable Frame ADF4932
The sturdy design of the Abaco Demountable Frame (ADF4932) prevents material from chipping off and keeps the finished work high off the ground.
Black rubber strips are mounted on the bottom and back support to prevent slippage.  It has 4 ratchet straps to hold loads steady. It also features 2 eyelets on the top bar and a double bar base with wide slots that fit perfectly for lifting the frame with an overhead crane or forklift truck. It has 4 solid casters for easy moving, two manoeuvred by the pulling handle. See the specification chart below for load capacity and dimensions. 

Double Suction Lifter

£35.20 Price exclude Vat

Two 120mm diam suction cups

Aluminum handle powdered coated black

High-quality rubber for extended life

Working load limit Vertically - 50kg Horizontally - 100kg Photos for illustration purposes only

Flat Vacuum Cups for Kitchens Tops – ABACO

£368.50 Price exclude Vat

With the Ratchet Seam Setter M2, the countertops will be perfectly joined and levelled.

With two 8 inches (203 mm) suction cups, the Seam Setter is strong enough for the required task.

The Seam Setter ARSS2 has two levelling points; therefore lippage is no longer a problem.

Forklift Boom – ABACO- AFJ25

£785.40 Price exclude Vat


Designed for use on 2 & 2.5-ton forklift trucks.

With its telescopic boom, it offers versatility with maximum visibility for the driver.

Fully extended it reaches up to 94.5" (2400mm).

One Stop A-Frame-Abaco

£1,650.00 Price exclude Vat

The One Stop A-Frame is designed for transporting material and storing it in the shop or at the job site. Your slab/glass sheets are placed on special rubber profiles and secured with four (4) ratchet securing bars. The centre section can be used to store tools, small backsplash, etc. - The frame features two (2) eyelets that can be used to lift the frame with an overhead crane. Space is provided on all base sides for forklift transport. Quick release mounting pins change the unit from a mobile A-frame to a stationary A-frame

  • NET WEIGHT (kg) 167
  • ROLLING CAPACITY (kg) 2000
  • DIMENSIONS 1824x1100x1550mm

Sink Support System

£759.00 Price exclude Vat

Add support for sink cutouts during moving and installation Versatile design uses twenty suction cups with two high strength support rails Suction cups move quickly and easily on the rails for adjustments

Two high strength extruded aluminium support rails suction cup capacity 44 lbs (20kg) per cup 2 aluminium bars -length 2100mm 20 suction cups

Slab Trolley Clamp – ABACO

£548.90 Price exclude Vat
The automatic clamping feature allows the trolley to move and transport heavy slab materials in a flexible and easy manner. Pneumatic wheels with a high grip meet the demand for transport on every terrain from even to rough.


  • Grips material automatically and securely
  • Clamping supports and base are rubber padded
  • Easily moves the materials
Photos are for illustration purposes only

Swivel Shackle

£72.60 Price exclude Vat

The swivel shackle can be used with a forklift boom and a stone lifter. It gives the ability to rotate the lifting material 360°