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Epoxy R5A/B – 2K System for Vertical Use


Specialised stronger solid epoxy glue for synthetic quartzites, such as Dekton, Lapitec and Neolith.

Available in transparent, which can be further colour enhanced using the traditional paste pigments. It is recommended to be used for external purposes and mainly for mitring. Both parts need to be purchased to work.

IRIDIUM – Epoxy Glue for Lapitec, Neolith & Dekton



Excellent adhesion on natural and synthetic stone, porcelain stoneware, and Technical ceramics (Dekton, Lapitec, Laminam, etc.) Quick hardening - Excellent surface drying - can be coloured using  paste pigments for GLUE

Available in Transparent,  & White - All 750ml

Paste Pigments –


Paste Pigments. A concentrated inorganic pigment paste. Easy to mix, high colouring power. Specially formulated to give all polyester glues the same colour shade as the marbles and the stones employed. Light resistant, weather-proof.

Available in 7 colours

Black, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue,  Brown & White - 30ml

URANIUM – Epoxy Glue for Lapitec, Neolith & Dekton – Ilpa



URANIUM is the latest generation mastic used for glueing, laminating and coupling marble, granite, quartzite, agglomerates, ceramics, quartz agglomerates, porcelain stoneware, wood and concrete. Also ideal for glueing for outdoor applications and with excellent resistance.

Why choose Uranium:

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Fast to dry
  • Super

Available in Transparent - 1KG