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4 Step Pads for Dekton – Rosso


4 step polishing system for polishing Dekton, Lapitec, Neolith and other porcelains

Dry and Wet use

Velcro backed - diam 100mm 4”

Approved Dekton Blade – Rosso


Rosso - for all synthetic sintered quartzites, such as Dekton, Lapitec, Neolith and Porcelain

Approved by Cosentino for cutting Dekton®

Problem-free cutting & for 45-degree cutting.

Standard 60 Diam Bore Hole, should you require an alternative size please call

Made in Italy by Cidiam Group

Also other tools available for those material

CNC Core Drills for Dekton – Thin wall


Nicolai Diamant

1/2" gas connection Designed to be used on CNC for drilling Dekton, Lapitec, Neolith & other porcelains  

CNC Router for Sintered Materials – Dekton/Lapitec/Porcelain

£107.40 Price exclude Vat
Nicolai Diamant CNC Routers for Sintered Stone like Dekton, Lapitec and Porcelain Available in Diameter 20mm Length 25mm Connection 1/2" Gas

Made In Italy

Crown Mill Cutting Tools


TYPE A  = Electroplated for Marble, Sandstone & Limestone

TYPE B = For Dekton, Lapitec, Neolith & Porcelain TYPE C = For Natural Quartzite Type D = For Granite & Quartz Made in Italy  

The short and long adaptors for these tools are available as a separate product


Dekton / Lapitec / Neolith Blade – DZAM


Blade specially designed to be used on an angle grinder to cut DEKTON, LAPITEC, NEOLITH and Porcelain.

Demountable Frame – Abaco -ADF4932

£1,097.80 Price exclude Vat
Abaco Demountable Frame ADF4932
The sturdy design of the Abaco Demountable Frame (ADF4932) prevents material from chipping off and keeps the finished work high off the ground.
Black rubber strips are mounted on the bottom and back support to prevent slippage.  It has 4 ratchet straps to hold loads steady. It also features 2 eyelets on the top bar and a double bar base with wide slots that fit perfectly for lifting the frame with an overhead crane or forklift truck. It has 4 solid casters for easy moving, two manoeuvred by the pulling handle. See the specification chart below for load capacity and dimensions. 

Diamond Blade for Quartz & Granite – Venus


The blade that has taken Europe by storm!

Fast-cutting, smooth cuts and excellent life span for Engineering Stones, Quartz and Granite Segment height - 15mm Made in Italy by Cidiam Group

Edge Polishing Wheels – OCTO

Diamond Wheels for automatic edge polishing machines For straight edges of engineered stone, compound materials, marbles, granites, ceramic materials. Recommended for Dekton and Lapitec


DIAM  125mm 5" 


ø mm. 125/150 – Hole mm. 40 – Thickness mm. 5 Snail and QRS fitting

Epoxy R5A/B – 2K System for Vertical Use


Specialised stronger solid epoxy glue for synthetic quartzites, such as Dekton, Lapitec and Neolith.

Available in transparent, which can be further colour enhanced using the traditional paste pigments. It is recommended to be used for external purposes and mainly for mitring. Both parts need to be purchased to work.

IRIDIUM – Epoxy Glue for Lapitec, Neolith & Dekton



Excellent adhesion on natural and synthetic stone, porcelain stoneware, and Technical ceramics (Dekton, Lapitec, Laminam, etc.) Quick hardening - Excellent surface drying - can be coloured using  paste pigments for GLUE

Available in Transparent,  & White - All 750ml

Odyssey Blade – DZAM


A unique turbo blade that can be used to dry cut all natural stones, as well as quartzite stones Dekton, Lapitec and Quartz

TYPE A — DIAM 125mm Bore Hole 22.2mm 

TYPE B — DIAM 150mm Bore Hole 22.2mm 

TYPE C — DIAM 125mm M14 FEMALE Thread Single Sided

TYPE D — DIAM 150mm M14 FEMALE Thread Single Sided