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Antiquo – Sprint


Resin-based colour enhancing sealer. Same as ager, gives a ‘wet look’ on stone, enhancing it and giving it a dark deep colour.


Brillo – ILPA

£15.18 Price exclude Vat

Brillo is a silicone-based wax. It is excellent for the maintenance of marbles, granites, and natural stones, also suitable to protect kitchens and bathrooms from dirt and smog. The components of its formula carry out a triple action on the treated stones. Brillo cleans both grease and smog, polishes and shows up any stone’s colours and veins, finally it waterproofs from oil, wine, and water stains


£33.00 Price exclude Vat

It corrects permanently natural small marks and marks due to grinding, polishing etc on marble & granite. It also enhances the original shade and renew old surfaces

Available in black


Extra LUX Auto-polishing Vanish -ILPA

£13.75 Price exclude Vat

 Is a self-polishing varnish that gives a long-lasting gloss effect to the treated surface even after exposure to atmospheric agents. In addition, to give the perfect polish, EXTRA LUX guarantees the famous “wet effect” in an unparalleled way, enhancing the original colour of the stone, increasing brilliance and also water repellency.

The application can take place on materials such as marble, granite, synthetic marble, and light and dark stones in indoor and outdoor environments.

ExtraLux is not walkable.

Glossy – Sprint

£22.44 Price exclude Vat

Liquid wax for marbles, stones, and granites. Easy application, high efficiency. Offers an all special gloss and is especially meant to give a mirror-like look to surfaces already polished. Is light resistant, waterproof, non-yellowing, and resistant to acids.


Solid Wax – Sprint


Polishing protective product with high concentration of active ingredients, to use on marbles, stones, and granites. Very easy to apply, offers an all special gloss, high efficiency, long-lasting protection. It's light resistant, waterproof, non-yellowing

Available in Black & White - both 1ltr

Stick Wax

£3.30 Price exclude Vat

Hot filling wax that is used to fill imperfections in all types of marble or granite