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Porcelain tools and glue

We offer a range of diamond tools, core drills and glue for porcelain, laminam, dekton, lapitec and neolith slabs.



To bond and glue these materials, it is necessary to use glue made especially for porcelain. It is necessary to assemble the porcelain pieces, for example, kitchen tops, vanity tops, bath surrounds, and to apply the glue/mastic.




The method of glueing porcelain has improved, as porcelain slabs have become more popular. Manufacturers of glues and other chemicals, such as waxes, have taken into consideration the composition of the porcelain and also the types of joints that are required to be glued together. For example, a 45º joint needs to be glued together.




With the Iridium Glue, which is specially designed for porcelain, laminam, dekton, lapitec and neolith slabs, you can use 45º clamps, apply the Iridium glue and lock it. By the time the glue is cured and dried the mitre joint will be secured. Iridium is a type of epoxy glue that has components such as methacrylate, acrylic and vinyl ester, taking the basis of the traditional glue for natural stone. The range of the glue comes available in transparent (clear), white and black, and can only be mixed with colour paste pigments, which is the same you do with natural stone glue to achieve a variety of colours and support the range of porcelain slabs in the market.


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