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Cutting Porcelain Slabs has become more popular in recent years for making kitchen worktops and other countertops for brands like Dekton, Neolith and Lapitec. Therefore manufacturers have increased production of porcelain tooling to meet demands.


This has created a new challenge for all the fabricators to be able to cut the pieces from the slab, then cut anything smaller from the already cut piece and being able to polish and do any other necessary work.


Manufacturers have started to porcelain tooling to be able to assist with cutting porcelain, drilling, and polishing it.

D Zambelis has a range starting from bridge saw blades for 5-axis CNC machines. The diamond blade is called Rosso and it is approved by Cosentino. This starts at a diameter of 250 through to 500. We also have Diamond Core Drills specially made for a porcelain-like Dekton to be able to drill on machines like the 5-axis bridge saws and CNC work centre. Our core drills can be used on Makita Polishers and Angle Grinders enabling on-site use rather than being restricted to a factory. Furthermore, we have diamond blades that come in a diameter of 125mm or 5inch. These are suitable for use on angle grinders like Makita. There is also a range of diamond pads, especially for use on porcelain like Dekton, Neolith and Lapitec to be able to give the edges that have been cut a shiny finish.

Some tools can be used on semi-automatic work centres and manual machines like Thibaut 108, or a Ghines or Ravelli. These are Diamond tips, sometimes called thubs or crown mills which are suitable and specially made to cut porcelain.
Of course, after porcelain pieces are cut they need to be glued together. We have a glue that is called Iridium by ICR Sprint in Italy. It comes in three colours, transparent, white and black. It can also be mixed with normal colour pigments to make it a different colour.

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