Our Edge polishing machine Micron combines operation simplicity with a very small size and a wide range of different profiles.

It can work every kind of round and straight profiles as well as bevels included.

Micron was studied to reuse the little pieces of marble that would otherwise be thrown away.

Fast and compact, it is ideal for backsplash and small strips. It is the right machine to perfectly work slabs from 10 to 40 mm thickness.

Technical Details

Overall dimension5460x1500x1900 mm
Weight2.2 tonnes
Dound pressure level<85 dbA
General Motor7.5 Kw
Workable width100-1200 mm
Maximum workable width with filly extended hydraulic rod2500 mm
Workable thickness10-40 mm
Worktop height975 mm
Conveyor advance speed20-2000 mm/min
Calibrating/shaping tool diameter120 mm
Calibrating/shaping spindle power4.0 Kw
Grinding tool diameter100 mm
Grinding spindle power3.0 Kw
Number of hydraulic polishing spindles (1 diamond)8
Polishing tool diameter100 mm
Number of chamfering tools1+1 or 2+2
Chamfering spindle power1.5 Kw
Chamfering tool diameter100 mm
Diameter of drip-cut disc 150 mm
Power of drip-cut disc4.0 Kw

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