LM 65 – Calibrating Polishing Machine for Marble

Machine suitable for calibrating and polishing semi-worked strips and/or sized pieces in marble or similar stones.

Machine base in electrowelded steel plates with fully worked top covered and protected by stainless steel covering over which conveyor belt passes.

Up/down movement automatic as material passes thanks to electronic programmer to set lenght of time and position.

The machines are built on specific request of customers matching any kind of polishing process or any kind of natural stone.



  • The main structure covered in electro-welded steel sheets.
  • Conveyor belt seated on a level surface, covered in stainless steel.
  • The belt runs on two cylinders – one at the entrance to stretch belt, one at the exit with an electronically controlled variable speed gear motor.
  • Operating heads centrally housed on a strong, electro-welded beam.
  • Pneumatic vertical movement on the chrome column.
  • Transverse spindle unit beam movement powered by an electronically controlled electric motor.
  • Beam at the front bearing diamond calibrating heads.
  • Abrasive/calibrating head up/down movement is pneumatic; working pressure of individual heads can be regulated and seen on pressure gauge; automatic gauging of material thanks to the electronic programmer for time/position.
  • Individual heads can be excluded.
  • Conveyor speed/spindle-holder beam on display in real-time; motor absorption.
  • Fault-detection.
  • Individual heads with raising device for abrasive wear irrespective of material thickness.
  • LX board, placed away from the main body of the machine, provides power, auxiliaries, accident protection, and PLC.

Technical Details

C1 A6 C2 A8C2 A10C3 A12
Min/max polishing width250/650 mm250/650 mm250/650 mm250/650 mm
Min/max polishing depth10/80 mm10/80 mm10/80 mm10/80 mm
Calibrating shaft 1222
Abrasive shaft681012
Diameter calibrating plate750 mm 750 mm 750 mm 750 mm
Diameter abrasive plate450 mm450 mm450 mm450 mm
Abrasive shaft motor power5.5 kW5.5 kW5.5 kW3x7.5 kW 9x5.5kW
Belt motor power1.1 kW2 kW2.2 kW3 kW
Beam motor Power2.2 kW3 kW3 kW4 kW
Total motor power56 kW87 kW98 kW140 kW
Belt Speed 0-3.5 m/min0-3.5 m/min0-3.5 m/min0-3.5 m/min
Water requirement100 L/min160 L/min200 L/min250 L/min
Machine length6500 mm9000 mm10300 mm12000 mm
Machine width1650 mm 1650 mm 1650 mm 1650 mm
Total width 2100 mm2100 mm2100 mm2100 mm
Height2150 mm2150 mm2150 mm2150 mm
Weight7700 kg8600 kg10600 kg11200 kg

Standard Details

C1 A6 C2 A8C2 A10C3 A12
Multifunction programme1111
Abrasive holder plate681012
Diamond ring1223
Abrasive finished device681012

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