Bridge Saw With CNC

Machine for all handicraft and industrial laboratories for processing marble and granite.

Disc diameter up to 1.200 mm, management of 4 axes, head inclination motorised.

CNC for programming slabs cut, linear, concave, and convex shaping, honing of shapes with side of the disc, circular and interrupted cuts.




  • Machine suitable for both small and large workshops for marble/granite.
  • Small-dimension motor connected directly to blade, with inverter.
  • Blade unit/bridge action electronically controlled on bearings, by encoder.
  • Head vertical action with auto-braking motor, controlled by encoder on prismatic guide.
  • Motorised rotating bench with auto-positioning 0° – 360°; blocking with hydraulic brakes.
  • 0° – 90° tilting head even for small runs, auto-blockable in position with hydraulic brake.
  • P 55 LX cabinet houses electronic and electrical control / right-left slide, forward-backward bridge movement, head rising/lowering, bench rotation.
  • Automatic axes control with fast reaction; translation of bridge; automatic table rotation.
  • Electronic tilting of blade cutting unit.
  • Single marble run / small increasing granite steps according to programmed depth.
  • Selection of 20 different cutting widths to be repeated up to 99 times.
  • Cutting, and blade head return limit switches self-setting electronically.
  • Beam movement limit switches self-setting.
  • Automatic bench tilt programming for continuous circular or orthogonal cutting.
  • Through runs or part runs possible.
  • All axes can be moved together to reduce lime wastage.
  • Profiles can be set directly from the keyboard; concave/convex arches on rising/descending tilts of any angle.
  • Linear and circular profiles for horizontal/vertical axes of the blade head possible.
  • Resident menu cycles: cross-cutting, facing – slab-cutting, concave-convex, shaping, interpolated shaping.
  • Specific prog. with CAD/CAM, converter, and ISO, for profiles and shapes drawn on CAD connected externally in serial RS 232 (optional)

Technical Details

Blade stroke3700 mm
Bridge translation3600 mm
Blade vertical stroke600 mm
Max. blade diameter1000 mm
Blade shaft diameter 60 mm
Blade flange block diameter 250 mm
Max. cutting depth310 mm
Table dimensions3500x1800 mm
Blade motor power30 kW
Spindle rotation at 50 Hz 950 rpm
Adjustable forward speed0-18 m/min
Weight5800 kg
Overall dimensions5600 x 2800 x 3000h mm

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