5-axis Monoblock CNC Milling and Cutting Saw

Machine with compact dimensions, specially made for factories  with space problems, for the production of shaped pieces, profiling, kitchen worktops, steps,  shower trays, masonry work in all-natural stone, engineering stone and sintered stone-like Lapitec, Dekton, Porcelain

It has a 360 ° head rotation.

All drives made with Brushless motors with high inertia.

1/2” CNC Tools Attachment

TFT12’’ touch with CAD software, Import of DXF files, video simulation before work execution.


  • Positioning with 2 motors in electrical-axis (gantry) with pinion- helical rack system of precision and epicycle reducers with 0 clearance (Axis Y)
  • Spin of the head 360° continuous with reducer of high precision with eccentrics with 0 clearance (Axis C)
  • Spin of the mandrel 0°-90° reducer of high precision with eccentrics with 0 clearance (Axis A)
  • All the drives complete with elevated inertia BRUSHLESS motors, digitally controlled
  • Disc motor, power 15kW/20Hp, directly connected to the blade, electronic control of rotation speed by mean of INVERTER
  • Possibility of tilted cut in small steps obtained with interpolation of the axis horizontal and vertical.
  • CNC Numerically controlled programmer for the management of 5 axes (X-Y-Z-A disc inclination and C head rotation)
  • Cutting programs in single step for marble or multiple steps, with small increments programmable, for granite
  • Programming of circle or curve cutting cycles, diagonal or orthogonal cuts by interpolation of Y-X and C axes
  •   Positioning of the machine with all the axes moving at the same time, reducing waste time

Technical Details

X-axis blade stroke 3550 mm
Y-axis bridge translation2050 mm
Max. Ø blade625 mm
Z-axis maximum cutting depth (with 625 Ø disc) 200 mm
Z-axis max. vertical stroke 360 mm
A-axis max. head inclination90º
C-Axis rotation of the head360º
Motor power at 1450 revs.20/15 HP/kW
X-axis max. speed20 m/min
Y-axis max. speed20 m/min
Z-axis max. speed3 m/min
Voltage/Frequency 400/50 V/Hz
Weight 3500 kg
Overall dimensions 5600 x 2800 x 3000h mm

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