4-axis monoblock sawing machine with 1/2″gas connection for tools

Machine with compact dimensions, specially made for factories  with

space problems, for the production of shaped pieces, profiling

with a horizontal blade, kitchen worktops, steps,  shower trays, masonry work in all-natural stone, engineering stone and sintered stone-like Lapitec, Dekton, Porcelain

It has a  360 ° head rotation.

All drives made with Brushless motors with high inertia.

PLC control complete with touch screen monitor.

WaterTerch Technology – Water jet cutting. 3 and 5 axes.
The use of technological materials entails the need to use cutting systems with high pressure water, in order to ensure high quality cutting, with production costs significantly higher than cutting on disk. Considering that the disc manufacturers are increasingly developing products capable of cutting technological materials with an excellent degree of quality; considering that cutting with a disc is always faster than water and has a lower cost. The combination of the two systems, cutting with high pressure water and cutting with disc, is an excellent combination that fully satisfies quality, production costs and low working times.

The Water Jet is the cold cutting solution, suitable for pieces shaped with more or less complex geometries up to thicknesses
quite significant. A water jet can be used pure or mixed with abrasive. The cutting unit is mounted on edge of the axis slide (Z) and is composed of a cutting kit which provides for the mixing of water and abrasive. The heads for cutting water jet used by OMAG guarantee the maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance.


    • LC 12″ Touch Screen Control
    • Maximum blade size = 625mm
    • Main Motor = 3-phase 400V 50Hz Power 11kW (15HP)
    • Laser beam alignment
    • Remote control
    • Hydraulic Tilting Table
    • Modem for Remote Assistance
    • Interpolation of  all axis  horizontal and vertical
    • Software for CAD drawings import
    • 360º C Axis automatic head rotation
    • Programming and interpolation of the axis X-Y,  Y-Z and X-Z
    • Completely  automated cycles permit the execution of all the programs without the presence of the operator

Technical Details

X-axis blade stroke3600 mm
Y-axis bridge translation2000mm
Max. Ø blade 625 mm
Z-axis maximum cutting depth (with 625 Ø disc) 210 mm
Z-axis max. vertical stroke 360 mm
A-axis max. head inclination 90º
C-Axis rotation of the head 360º
Motor power at 1450 revs. 15/11 HP/kW
X-axis max. speed 20 m/min
Y-axis max. speed 20 m/min
Z-axis max. speed3 m/min
Voltage/Frequency 400/50 V/Hz
Weight3500 kg
Overall dimensions5200 x 2800 x 3000h mm

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