4-axis monoblock sawing machine with 1/2″gas connection for tools

Machine with compact dimensions, specially made for factories  with

space problems, for the production of shaped pieces, profiling

with a horizontal blade, kitchen worktops, steps,  shower trays, masonry work in all-natural stone, engineering stone and sintered stone-like Lapitec, Dekton, Porcelain

It has a  360 ° head rotation.

All drives made with Brushless motors with high inertia.

PLC control complete with touch screen monitor.

Technical Data

X-axis blade stroke3600 mm
Y-axis bridge translation2000mm
Max. Ø blade625 mm
Z-axis maximum cutting depth (with 625 Ø disc)210 mm
Z-axis max. vertical stroke360 mm
A-axis max. head inclination90º
C-Axis rotation of the head360º
Motor power at 1450 revs.15/11 HP/kW
X-axis max. speed20 m/min
Y-axis max. speed20 m/min
Z-axis max. speed3 m/min
Voltage/Frequency400/50 V/Hz
Weight3500 kg
Overall dimensions5200 x 2800 x 3000h mm


  • LC 12″ Touch Screen Control
  • Maximum blade size = 625mm
  • Main Motor = 3-phase 400V 50Hz Power 11kW (15HP)
  • Laser beam alignment
  • Remote control
  • Hydraulic Tilting Table
  • Modem for Remote Assistance
  • Interpolation of  all axis  horizontal and vertical
  • Software for CAD drawings import
  • 360º C Axis automatic head rotation
  • Programming and interpolation of the axis X-Y,  Y-Z and X-Z
  • Completely  automated cycles permit the execution of all the programs without the presence of the operator

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