Strength and precision in a single solution.

Combining the two systems, cutting with high-pressure water and cutting with a disc, is an excellent combination that fully satisfies quality, production costs and short work times.

WaterTerch Technology – Water jet cutting. 3 and 5 axes.
The use of technological materials entails the need to use cutting systems with high pressure water, in order to ensure high quality cutting, with production costs significantly higher than cutting on disk. Considering that the disc manufacturers are increasingly developing products capable of cutting technological materials with an excellent degree of quality; considering that cutting with a disc is always faster than water and has a lower cost. The combination of the two systems, cutting with high pressure water and cutting with disc, is an excellent combination that fully satisfies quality, production costs and low working times.

The Water Jet is the cold cutting solution, suitable for pieces shaped with more or less complex geometries up to thicknesses
quite significant. A water jet can be used pure or mixed with abrasive. The cutting unit is mounted on edge of the axis slide (Z) and is composed of a cutting kit which provides for the mixing of water and abrasive. The heads for cutting water jet used by OMAG guarantee the maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance.


  • Support surface 4.500×2.400 mm
  • Dimensions of cutting table with disk and water cutting head 3.800×2.250 mm
  • Table inclination with maximum tilting capacity 85 ° -1.200 Kg
  • Minimum and maximum diameter of discs that can be mounted 300-400 ø mm
  • Maximum cutting thickness with disc diameter ø 300 71 mm
  • Rotation and disc motor power 7,5 Kw

Technical Details

Controlled motion axes5 axes
Workbench surface 4.500x2.400 mm • 177x94 inches
Cutting plane dimensions with disk and water cutting head3.800x2.250 mm • 149x88 inches
Tilting table function - maximum weight85°-1.200 kg
Maximum static load applicable on to the table2.000 kg
Cutting disc diameter Ø min and Ø max300-400 ø mm • 11,8-15,7 ø inches
Maximum cutting thickness with Ø 300 mm diameter disk (flange 158 mm, 6,22 inches)71 mm • 2,8 inches
Disc motor power and rotation7,5 KW • 3000 rpm
Axis X - Transverse axis stroke maximum feed rate4.100 mm • 161 inches 48 mt /Min • 10 / -3.650
Axis Y - Bridge axis stroke maximum feed rate3.050 mm • 120 inches 42 mt /Min • 10 / -2.650
Axis Z - Vertical axis stroke maximum feed rate400 mm • 15 inches 15 mt /Min • 10 / -250
Axis C - Rotation in axis of the disk4.500 °/Min • ± 200°
Axis A - Water head inclination 4.000 °/Min • ± 70°
Pump power, high pressure water40 HP • 500 ÷ 3.800 bar (on demand)
Maximum flow rate at maximum pressure2,7 lt /Min
KMT Cutting Head IDE II
Maximum capacity of external sand tank215 l
Distance from the base of the cutting disc to the support surface 150 mm • 5,9 inches
Maximum distance from the cutting head with water to the support surface94 mm • 3,7 inches
Water consumption40 l/min
Approximate weight 14.000 kg
Overall dimensions6.300 x 6.500 mm

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