An OMAG machining center does not limit the possibilities of work

TOWER brings together all the solutions developed by OMAG, in the course of its long experience in high technology machines, this allows TOWER an extreme rigidity and a “limitless” movement capacity.

TOWER, while moving like a robot, has a torsional rigidity that is 50% higher than the classic anthropomorphic systems.
TOWER does not limit the processing possibilities, it is designed and built in such a way that it can be equipped and customised to perform each of the typical processes of a small or large laboratory.

The range of sizes with which it can be proposed means that each customer can make the best choice for their specific processing needs, thus guaranteeing a truly targeted purchase.

However, the precision mechanics also allows three-dimensional processing, bas-reliefs, inlays, kitchen tops, arches, capitals, sculptural columns.

For every possible need, TOWER, thanks to a 54 horsepower electrospindle, also designed by OMAG, can use discs of large diameter (Ø 1,600), extremely useful for all milling, roughing, and shaping needs.
The 6 axes of movement of the machine, combined with a seventh axis, which is the rotation of the work table, mean that all the faces of a piece can be machined without undercut limits.
Digital brushless motorisation


  • 7 interpolated axes
  • X Axis 4.000 mm till a 12.000 mm on demand
  • Movement speed X Axis 0÷60 mt/min
  • Y Axis 2.000 mm till a 3.000 mm on demand
  • Movement speed Y axis 0÷60 mt/min
  • Z Axis 2.500mm till a 6.000 mm on demand
  • Speed movement Z Axis 0÷60 mt/min
  • B Axis 0°÷+185° – 185°
  • C Axis 0÷10°+185°
  • A Axis 0°÷+185° – 185°
  • U Axis tilting table rotation 3.6 RPM ( loading capacity 25 ton-35 ton)

Technical Details

Edit Interpolated controlled axes7 axes
X axis transversal stroke4000mm to 12000mm on demand
X axis movement speed 0 ÷ 60m/min
Y axis longitudinal stroke 2000mm to 3000mm on demand
Y axis movement speed0 ÷ 60m/min
Z axis vertical stroke500mm
Z axis movement speed24m/min
B axis rotation0° / + 185° -185°
C axis rotation0° / - 10° +185°
A axis rotation0° / + 185° -185°
U axis rotation working table3.6 rpm (weight capacity 25 - 35 tonnes)
Working table sizes3500mm x 2000mm on demand
Maximum disc diameter Blade5NC version1450mm
Motor power(S1) 40Kw - 54HP
Tool attachmentISO50
Automatic blade change from 1100mm diameter on demand
Rotating control by inverter0 ÷ 8000 rpm (ISO50 version)
Tools storage capacitychosen by customer (ISO50 version)
Water consumption (about approx. 4 bar)60L/min)
Air consumption20NI (6 bar)

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