Mill4x CNC WorkCenter

Omag Mill4x is the 3/4-axis CNC working center that groups all the functions of a shaping machine and a lathe in a single system

MILL4X is the result of OMAG experience gained in 25 years of production and the combination of the best technologies, with the simplicity of setting the job for shaping, contouring, engraving, milling, sculpting, polishing, turning of marble, granite, stones in general and glass. MILL4X is a highly productive machine both when mass production is required, and for unique and original pieces.

The high speed of the axis movement is ensured by a brushless motorization combined with ball screws, while the sliding on linear guides with ball slides, the protection of the moving parts with pvc bellows and a centralized oil, guarantee quality and precision over time.

The mobile bridge technology makes MILL4X a modular machine, as the additional application of the turning system or the lengthening of the work surface can be carried out at any time, according to the actual needs of the customer.

The numerical controls used are from the main world manufacturers, the software development (CAD / CAM) and the customization of the machine functions are carried out by an OMAG staff who also has the task of ensuring a pre and post sales training and assistance service.


  • Max blade diameter ISO40 version diam.400 mm
  • Motor power S1- Kw 9/Hp 12,24
  • Rotating control by inverter 0÷10.000 RPM
  • Max Blade diameter ISO50 version diam. 500 mm
  • Motor power S1 Kw9/Hp 12,24
  • Rotating control by inverter 0÷8.000 RPM

Technical Details

Interpolated controlled axes4 axes
X Axis transversal stroke*3.000 mm. to 4.500 mm. on demand
X Axis movement speed0÷ 50 mt./min
Y Axis longitudinal stroke*1.500 mm. to 6.000 mm. on demand
Y Axis movement speed0÷ 50 mt./min
Z Axis vertical stroke*500 mm. to 1.200 mm. on demand
Z Axis movement speed0÷ 25 mt./min
C Axis rotation0° ÷ 380° continuous
T inclined0° + 0,28° drain board function
Working table sizes3.000 x 1.500 mm. on demand
(Max) blade diameter versionØ 400 mm (ISO40 Version) Ø 500 mm (ISO50 Version)
Motor powerS1 – Kw. 9 / H.p. 12,24
Tool AttachmentISO40
Rotating control by inverter0 ÷ 10.000 RPM (ISO40 version) 0 ÷ 8.000 RPM (ISO50 version
Tool storage capacitychosen by the customer (ISO40/50 version)
A AXIS NC lathediameter and length on demand -
Water consuption (about approximate 2 bar)40 Lt. / min.
Air consumption20 Nl / (6 bar)

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