Laser system for engraving marble, granite and glass

OMAG Lasimark is a machine that uses an innovative engraving tool that uses laser technology to create high resolution engravings.
LasiMark® is an innovative engraving tool that uses laser technology. An infrared laser beam is focused on the surface to be engraved so that locally the light power density is sufficient to break the stone structure. The engraving head is mounted on board the numerically controlled machine tool as a machining tool. The LasiMark electronics and software allow you to synchronize the laser ignition and the adjustment of the beam power with the movement of the machine axes.


  • High resolution
  • High linear machining speed
  • Vector engraving mode (plotter)
  • Raster engraving mode (photo printing)
  • CO2 laser

Technical Details

FirestarFirestar Pulsato / Pulsed
Laser Head CO2-Sealed CO2-Sealed CO2-Sealed
Refrigerant Water Water Water
Optical Power40 Watt70 Watt100 Watt
Peak Pulse Power400 Watt
X Axis1500mm2500mm3000mm
Y Axis150mm2000mm2500mm
Z Axis150mm200mm 300mm

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