OMAG Bridge Saws


AN OMAG 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw that, in a small space, allows to perform all the operations necessary for a small and medium-sized laboratory.


5-axis manual & automatic (CNC) shaping milling machine. Carry out all the processes required to a small or medium-sized laboratory.

Area Multicut

A high productivity cutting production line. Numerical control cutting machine (single or double) for high production, automatic loading and unloading.


OMAG CNC Work Centres


3/4-axis CNC working center that groups all the functions of a shaping machine and a lathe in a single system.

OMAG DigiMill

DigiMill Monoblock CNC WorkCenter is the 4-axis numerical control machining center that groups all the functions of a multifunctional machining center in a single system.

Cutting, Shaping & Milling Machines


5-axis manual & automatic (CNC) forming milling machine. Optimised cutting, minimising the amount of waste material.


5 Axis Milling Machine. Blade 5 is a milling, shaping, polishing and contouring machine capable of working on different materials such as natural stone, quartz, ceramic, glass, plastics.


Blade 5ar is a 5-axis numerical control machining center for architectural and flat elements, capable of working on different materials such as natural stone, quartz, ceramic, glass and plastics.


Three-dimensional processing for bas-reliefs, inlays, kitchen tops, arches, capitals, sculptural columns. can use discs of large diameter (Ø 1,600), extremely useful for all milling, roughing, and shaping needs.

OMAG Water Jet

Water3 & Water5

A machine designed for water jet processing of marble, stone, granite. A cold cutting solution for complex shaped pieces and geometries.

Water5 & Saw

Combining cutting with high-pressure water and cutting with a disc, is an excellent combination that fully satisfies quality, production costs and short work times.

Polishing Machine

OMAG Polirobot

A robotic system for polishing simple and complex surfaces. A spindle with the automatic tool change allows you to perform different kinds of work simply, optimising time and cost.

Polishing Machine


A numerical control lathe that can be used for many different types of work on a variety of materials including: Columns, balustrades, vases, spheres, ovaloids, helical columns, Doric columns in marble, natural stone in general, granite, onyx and crystal.

Laser Marking


OMAG Lasimark is a machine that uses an innovative engraving tool that uses laser technology to create high resolution engravings.