Booster Pumps with Inverter Technology

All our booster units are designed to work under inverter controls. Starting from the single pump with flow capacity up to 200 lt/min, ending with the bigger group with flow capacity up to 1.200 lt/min. Thanks to the special parameterization of the inverters, realized in collaboration with Schneider engineers, booster groups are able to:

  • Guarantee stable pressure in all the conditions
  • Eliminate the frequent Start&Stop that cause damages to the pumps
  • Avoid the damaging of the seals thanks to the automatic stop in case of water absence

Technical Data

CapacityWorking Pressure
Smartboost 200L 200 l/min 2.4-2.8 Bar
Smartboost 400L400 l/min2.4-2.8 Bar
Smartboost 400 400 l/min2.8-3.2 Bar
Smartboost 700 700 l/min 2.8-3.2 Bar
Smartboost 12001200 l/min2.8-3.2 Bar

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