Standard Water Clarifier

The stainless steel silo “C series”, with its multiple dimensions, is the most required clarifier in the market. Its optimal construction characteristics combined with the positioning versatility, make this product suitable for almost the totality of laboratories; producing flow capacity included from 100 to 4.000 lt/min. It’s completely realised in AISI 304 and it represents the flagship of water clarifiers.

All Italmecc water systems are available with smart boosting pumps with inverter technology to guarantee stable pressure in all conditions, eliminate the start-stop that damages pumps and to avoid the damaging of the seals thanks to an automatic stop in case of lack of water.

Popular Configuration - Small-to-Medium

  • A system that will allow from 4000-8000 liters capacity, based on the size of the silo, which can clarify 260-400 liters per minute.
  • An electrical panel to control the chemical dosing station (flocculent), discharge valve, and also ready to add, if needed, an additional dosing station (polyamine).
  • As optional, the system comes with a storage tank to keep the recyclable water before it is distributed to the boosting pumps and subsequently the machinery.
  • This configuration works well for small-to-medium sized companies, with anything between 2 and 5 machines.

Popular Configuration - Large

  • This configuration is for companies that produce a large amount of unpurified water with a silo capacity from 14,000 up to 83,000 litres, which can clarify 600-4000 litres per minute.
  • It has filters and dosing stations and an electrical panel for full automation.
  • The discharge is handled by an ecopress filter that has from 15-35 plates. A smaller press system is available, with 4-8 plates.

Technical Data

Capacity (L)Overall Dimensions (mm)Height (mm)with Flocculant (L/min)without Flocculant (L/min)
C44000 16003100 260120

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