Lamellar Pack Water Clarifier

Lamellar water clarifier Blucomb in its variations: Polystone, hot galvanized and painted, is able to treat a high quantity of water maintaining reduced dimensions, allowing the installation in laboratories with limited available space.
Lamellar self-cleaning system (optional) guarantees a better depuration efficiency and at the same time, it maintains the clarifier cleaner. Flow capacity with this system is included from 250 to 950 l/min.

Technical Data

CapacityOverall Dimensions Height with Flocculantwithout Flocculant
BC 6.06 L2650 X 1700 mm3400 mm500 l/min250 l/min
BC 11.011 L3150 X 2200 mm3800 mm900 l/min450 l/min
BCM 8.58.5 L2200 x 2200 mm3600 mm700 l/min350 l/min
BCM 11.0 11 L 2200 x 2200 mm4100 mm900 l/min450 l/min

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