Portable rail saw to cut small and large slabs

A portable track saw on mobile rails. With a small investment, you can cut large slabs by placing the rails directly on the slab.

Technical Data

Rail Length1250 mm x 3pz. / 2500mm / 4000mm
Diamond blade diameter300-350 mm
Max. cutting depth40 mm
Main motor power2.2kW = 3HP 1ph.
Main motor rotation speed1400 o 2800 rpm 50Hz – 1700 o 3400 rpm 60Hz
Standard voltage / frequency230V-50/60Hz


An innovative portable track saw on mobile rail TSA:

  • Sturdy and compact frame easy to transport and assemble on-site;
  • Allows to cut large slabs with a small investment;
  • Available with 3 different sets of rails:
    • 3 x 1250mm
    • 1 x 2500mm
    • 1 x 4000mm

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