Stone Saw with Fixed Bridge For Stone, Quartz and Ceramic Slabs

Mono-block saw with fixed bridge for stone and sintered material slabs equipped with a compressed, rectified and chromed “active beam” guaranteeing the utmost accuracy. The worktable extensions widen the worktable facilitating the positioning of large slabs and the head feed is motorised with variable speed adjustment in both directions. A special optional device permits to carry out parallel cuts.

Technical Data

X axis travel3100mm or 3500mm
380 mmWorktable dimensions
Diamond blade diameter300-400 mm or 400-625 mm
300-400 mm or 400-625 mm50 mm
Motor power7.5kW = 10HP / 11kW = 15 HP (3ph.)
Main motor rotation speed1400 rpm 50Hz – 1700 rpm 60Hz
Standard voltage/ frequency400V-50/60Hz / 230V-60Hz 3ph.


TFM is an extremely sturdy bridge saw, suitable to cut also thick stone slabs:

  • Customisable according to customer requirements;
  • Equipped with a special design beam providing the utmost accuracy;
  • Optional PLC control unit for step-cut programming;
  • Extremely accurate cutting on stone, ceramic, quartz and sintered materials;
  • Motorised head motion with variable speed on X axis in both directions.

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