Horizontal Splitting Machine

The DONATONI SC3 splitting machine cuts marble strips and tiles horizontally into two parts.

Technical Data

Useful cutting width250-630 mm
Table useful length6000 mm
Number of spindle units (paired and opposed)6
Maximum disk diameter 2 x 550 / 2 x 700 / 2 x 850 mm
Material thickness (inout)22 - 100 mm
Useful thickness (output)10 - 40 mm
Spindles motor power18 kW x 6 groups
Installed power 112 kW
Water Consumption100 l/min
Machine weight6000 kg
Overall Dimensions6000 x 2000 x 2100 mm


  • the positioning of the spindle units in the lower part of the cutting surface, giving the operator better accessibility and greater control of the machine with easy and fast tool changing;
    • the disk carrier spindles remain fixed and the thickness of the material is changed through the vertical movement of the belt surface, shown on the display, ensuring greater cut alignment accuracy;

    • the vertical movement of the belt is motorised and synchronised on 4 columns that make up the structure;

    • each spindle unit is independent and the motion between the motor and the spindle is powered by the drive belt;

    • it features a hermetically closed structure, which ensures noise reduction and the containment of processing water, in addition to operator safety;

    • splitting the cut with several disks requires less spindle power, thus guaranteeing higher cutting speed and higher yield in production;

    • it is equipped with a device that automatically slows down the feed rate of the conveyor belt during the cutting process, when any of the cutting units exceeds the safety limit;

    • it comes with a vertical presser that can be adjusted with the hand-wheel, which guarantees the adherence of the material to the belt;

    • it is equipped with a motorised lateral material guide, with positioning shown on a display.

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