CNC Bridge Saw for Interpolated Angle Cutting in All Directions

MBS TS is our best-selling bridge saw; the perfect combination of simplicity  flexibility and durability. The installation is easy and does not require foundation. The machine is equipped with a compressed, rectified and chromed “active beam” guaranteeing the utmost accuracy. The rotation of the head allows to perform interpolated angle cutting in all directions.

Technical Data

X axis travel3000 / 3500 / 3600 mm
Y-axis travel1930 mm
Z-axis travel380 mm
Worktable dimensions4600x2200 mm
Max. diamond blade diameter350-500 mm
Blade bore size50 mm
Manual head tilt90° - 45°
Head rotation 0°- 90°- 180°- 270° / 0°- 340°
Main motor power7.5kW = 10HP / 11kW = 15HP
Main motor rotation speed 1400 rpm 50Hz – 1700 rpm 60Hz
Main motor variable speed (optional)700 - 3400 rpm
Standard voltage/frequency 400V-50/60Hz / 230V-60Hz 3ph.


MBS TS is our historical monoblock bridge saw with CNC axis control unit for cuts programming:

  • Fully customisable according to customer requirements;
  • Monoblock structure for easy installation;
  • The perfect cutting precision is guaranteed by the special design of the beam;
  • Manual or automatic head rotation to perform interpolated angle cutting in all directions.

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