Portable Saw with Stone, Marble & Granite

Portable stone saw with a sturdy structure to cut marble and granite slabs with extraordinary accuracy.  The innovative optional Slot device makes it a multipurpose machine for performing horizontal cutting, profiling, and polishing of straight slab edges.

Technical Data

Useful Cut600–800–1000–1300–1500–2000 mm600–800–1000–1300–1500–2000 mm
Diamond blade diameter (not included)250-300-350 mm400-450-500mm
Blade bore size25,4 mm25,4 / 30 mm
Motor power2.2kW = 3HP 1ph. / 3Kw = 4HP 3ph.3.7kW = 5HP 3ph.
Motor rotation speed2800rpm 50Hz – 3400rpm 60Hz400rpm a 50Hz – 1700rpm a 60Hz
Standard voltage/frequency400V-50/60Hz400V-50/60Hz


ANR is a sturdy and accurate saw for stone slabs:

  • Special beam design to attain a perfect cutting precision;
  • Water tank with built-in recycling pump for blade cooling;
  • Optional device to perform horizontal cutting and profiling of slab edges.

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