We only use the best when it comes to our machines and these are the companies we hold in high esteem.

Our range covers every aspect of stone processing, from

3.5m Block Cutters & 5, 6 & 7 Axis CNCs to Lifters & Bench Saws.

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Achilli SRL – Secondary Saws and Machinery

Discover Achilli’s range of bridge saws, bench saws and other portable machinery, including floor grinders, and slab trolleys. Take a look at their popular 4 axes bridge saw GOLD which comes complete with a tilting table and variable speed motor.

CMG Macchine – Edge Polishers

CMG Macchine specialises in robust edge polishers for convex, inclined and flat edges.

Their most popular model, Taurus, is a highly versatile machine which can be used to produce stone steps, to kitchen countertops. It is customisable so it can be used with pre-cutting units, calibration units and chamfer units and also features the latest generation automatic lubrication system!

Dal Forno – Lifting and Handling Equipment

Dal Forno has been a pioneer in lifting and handling machinery since 1965. They provide customised solutions that meet customer requirements and comply with safety regulations.

Dal Forno provides a variety of single, 3-pad and multi-pad vacuum lifters, column and bracket cranes, as well as electric chain hoists.

Giacomini Officine Meccaniche – Bridge, Derrick & Gantry Cranes

Giacomini are experts in the manufacturing of Bridge, Derrick & Gantry cranes, that have been used in quarries in their local area for years ever since their foundation in 1957 near the Swiss Alps!

Italmecc – Water Recycling and Air Purification

Italmecc has specialised in water clarification and dust purification worldwide since 1985. They offer a wide range of solutions and are at the heart of a factory’s production.

Their machinery ranges from wet dust booths (Airbox) to complete water clarification systems, with flocculent chemical dosing stations, booster pumps with inverters, silos and submersible pumps!

OMAG S.p.A. – 5, 6 & 7 Axis CNC Machines

OMAG was first established in 1979 and since have grown to become an industry leader. They are renowned for producing fully customisable milling machines for masonry work. These include the Blade5, bridge saws, CNC work centres and water jets, all using the latest mechanical and software technology. 

Their most popular model, Digitale5 is a monoblock bridge saw, complete with a camera for vein-matching, suctions to move pieces and probes to measure material thickness as well as tools for maximum cutting performance.



Terzago – Primary and Secondary Saws

Terzago has been manufacturing primary and secondary saws worldwide for over 100 years!

Their range includes cast-iron block cutters for up to 3.5m blades and also CNC Bridge Saws.

The CUTe interpolated 4 Axes model is very popular in the UK market, with its 1/2” gas CNC tool connection.