Double Cross-Cutting Machine

The DONATONI cross cutting machine type DM2 combines the possibility of cutting with two units with the precision of positioning of the moving spindle, employing advanced technologies when cutting strips of marble and granite. It finds its application in consecutive cutting off different sizes and it is ideal for recovering scrap material.



  • Idle roller table;
  • Fixed cutting unit and a mobile cutting unit;
  • Units can work separately or synchronised;
  • Precision and speed in positioning of the mobile unit controlled by touch screen;
  • Random measure cutting with joystick
  • Cutting with push buttons preset at different sizes;
  • Utmost production flexibility
  • Belt-driven power transmission (no direct power transmission to motor).


Useful cutting width610 mm
Maximum cutting thickness100 mm
Blade diameter400 mm
Type of tableA rulli folli/Idle rollers
Adjustable distance between 2 bladesMIN 150 mm - MAX 610 mm
Blade/blades motor power9,2 kW per disco/blade
Installed power21 kW
Water consumption40 l/min
Compressed air consumption10 l/min
Overall dimensionsOverall dimensions
Overall dimensions2,45 t circa