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A day in the life….with Stella Zambelis

As featured in the Natural Stone Specialist

Becca Cranfield chats with Stella Zambelis, a fellow member of the Women in Natural Stone group and director of D Zambelis Ltd tooling and machinery specialists in Chelmsford.

My day starts... well my mornings vary depending on what I have planned that day – sometimes, it will start with just a simple coffee if I am busy, or otherwise, I will go to the gym and take my dog for a walk.

I am usually found working at our company premises, whether that be in the office, or in the showroom if customers are visiting.

My typical day involves speaking to customers about tooling and machinery enquiries, giving technical advice, organising machinery installations, as well as all the other tasks that come with running three companies

The thing that surprises me most about my job is that even after 25+ years of being in this industry, no two days are the same. I enjoy the challenges that it gives me, to keep pushing my knowledge and experience.

When I was younger I wanted to be a city broker, but naturally being a woman and a mother, there are always circumstances that stopped me from taking that career path.

Something you might not know about me is that I arrived in the UK, at the age of 18, with Demetris, and had no money or could speak English – I very quickly learnt at a young age the importance of hard work.

My most memorable moment at work was when I decided to venture into selling machinery on my own, and create D Zambelis Stone Machinery to make a difference – even if I was warned that it wouldn’t be easy to join a male-dominated sector of the industry.

If I could give one piece of advice to someone considering a career in the stone industry I'd say it is important to be passionate about the industry, to encourage you to learn from others and gain knowledge, which in return will give you success. It is always important for a career in stone, or any industry, to look at the long-term vision of who you want to be and the impact you want to make to that industry, with a clear ethos and belief, and live by those standards.

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Becca Cranfield is co-director of Athena Stonecare, a leading specialist in natural stone restoration and maintenance. athenastonecare.co.uk

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